Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Building a Vision
  • 2

    Chapter 1: The Fundamentals

    • Understanding Your Game
    • 8 Ways To Force An Error
    • A Deeper Understanding of Your Game
    • Developing a System
  • 3

    Chapter 2: Serve Tactics

    • Holding Serve
    • Picking Your Spots on Serve
    • Deadly Serve Locations
    • Different Players - Different Tactics
    • Choosing Where To Serve
    • The 8 Vital Considerations
    • A Serving Snapshot
    • The 1st Serve
    • The 2nd Serve
    • The Serve Plus One
    • Serve Volleying Is Dead - Or Is It?
    • Serve Summary
  • 4

    Chapter 3: Return Tactics

    • Return Stats
    • Return Of 1st Serve
    • Return Of 2nd Serve
    • Break Points
    • The Return Winner
    • The Chip and Charge
    • Return Summary
  • 5

    Chapter 4: Groundstroke and Volley Tactics

    • Zones of the Court
    • Zone Takeaways
    • Bullying With Your Backhand
    • The Forehand Weapon
    • The Backhand Neutralizer
    • Escaping Backhand Pressure
    • The Dropshot
    • Approaching the Net
    • The First Volley
    • The Passing Shot
    • Conclusion

Why This Course Will Be Groundbreaking For Your Game

  • Often, coaches focus so much time trying to achieve polished looking strokes, they neglect the tactical side of the game. In this guide, the staff at cover virtually every aspect of play so you will know what to do in any situation!

  • You'll learn exactly where to serve at the right time. Because of this, you'll see your consistency soar immensely!

  • Ever felt overwhelming pressure on court? Our guide will help make those feelings a thing of the past as you breeze past your opponent with a superior game plan

  • We'll teach you lethal "combination shots" that you can bring out of your toolbox to either, get yourself out of trouble or add variety to continue fooling your opponent

  • Every tennis match involves thousands of split second decisions and matches are won and lost based on these. Our guide will ensure that you make the right decision at the right time. You'll also develop a much sharper awareness and self evaluation process that you can take to future matches

  • Most importantly, you'll win way more matches!

  • As with all of our courses, you can implement everything you learn in your own home, during these unprecedented "Lock Down" times and continue to improve your game. Imagine how far ahead you could be of your competitors by the time the courts open up again!

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