Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To "Secrets of The Serve"

    • Hello and Welcome
  • 2

    Chapter 1 - The Grip

    • The Continental Grip
    • Finding The Grip
    • Extra Grip Tips
  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Stances

    • Stance Setup
    • The Three Stances
    • Choosing Your Stance
  • 4

    Chapter 3 - The Perfect Serve Action

    • Initiating The Serve Action
    • The Perfect Ball Placement
    • Practicing The Toss
    • The Throwing Action
    • Pronation
    • Practicing Pronation: Step 1
    • Practicing Pronation: Step 2
    • The Leg Drive
    • The Arabesque
    • Building The Arabesque
    • Hitting Up
    • The Window of Opportunity
  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Using Spin

    • The Three Spins
    • Slice Serve Drills
    • Topspin Serve Drills
  • 6

    Chapter 5 - Practice

    • Practicing Your Serve
    • Self Evaluation

Meet Your New Coach

Delivering World Class Tennis Education To All Ages and Abilities

Dave Ireland

ATP Player and Master Coach

Dave Ireland

* 28 Years Of Coaching Experience At All Levels * LTA Licensed Level 4 Coach * USPTR Pro Level Coach * GB International Junior Team Coach * Former LTA National Coach (Boys 10-14 Years) * Former Head Coach, LTA International High Performance Centre * Coach To Many National and International Junior Champions PLAYING BIO * National and International Junior Champion GB Junior Ranked No 1 * Former Junior ITF World Ranked No 7 * Former ATP Challenger Tour Player * Former GB Davis Cup Team Member v Argentina 1989 * Competed at Wimbledon, US and Australian Opens * Played and Trained Against Top Players Such As; Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Tim Henman, Fabrice Santoro, Christo Van Rensburg, Kevin Curran

Why This Course Will Radically Improve Your Serve!

  • Dave delivers a true masterclass on the serve, with his proven, step by step system. He'll walk you through every aspect, from grips to stances to contact points in a clear and concise manner

  • You'll learn how to find true, natural power and max out your mph!

  • You'll discover the secret to increasing the margin for error on your serves - even on the flat first serve!

  • You'll learn how to unlock huge spin potential on your second serve and send them fizzing away from your opponent!

  • The course contains over an hour of great content. The serve is a complex shot, so each aspect of it has been covered thoroughly, in order for you to fully understand every last detail

  • After completing the course, you will feel empowered to get out on the court, practice your serve and start dominating your opponent!

  • Dave knows as well as anyone how to hit a huge serve. When he played on the tour, he was able to serve up to 125 mph with tremendous accuracy

  • As with all of our courses, you can implement everything you learn in your own home, during these unprecedented "Lock Down" times and continue to improve your game. Imagine how far ahead you could be of your competitors by the time the courts open up again!

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Former ATP Tour Pro Player, Current Coach of Kyle Edmund, Former Coach of Dan Evans

Mark Hilton

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, Current Coach of Kyle Edmund, Former Coach of Dan Evans

"Dave is a leading and well respected coach in British Tennis. Following on from a successful playing career, Dave has gone on to coach national junior champions. As a young coach I worked with Dave at the International High Performance Academy at Loughborough University, producing some of Britain’s best junior players competing at the highest international standard. He has a wealth of experience to improve players of all ages and levels and is a true professional."
Former ATP Tour Pro Player, World Ranking: 170 Singles and 85 Doubles

Danny Sapsford

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, World Ranking: 170 Singles and 85 Doubles

"As a former Davis Cup squad colleague of mine Dave not only has a vast amount of experience as an ex pro but he also has had an extremely successful coaching career. He has a wide base of experiences in coaching Junior and Adult players at all levels from club beginner standard all the way up to coaching National and International Champions. If you would like to improve any part of your game then Dave will help you accomplish your goals!"

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