Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 - Introduction

    • Preface
  • 2

    Chapter 2 - Key Goals

    • Take Control Of The Box
    • Why Is The Box So Important?
    • Mentality
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Positioning
  • 3

    Chapter 3 - Attacking the Box

    • Inspiration!
    • Responsibilities
    • Look For Signs To Get Involved
    • Your Starting Position Is Just a Starting Position
    • Cut Off The Angles
    • Your Movement Can Attract The Ball To You
  • 4

    Chapter 4 - Volleying Targets

    • What Do You Do With The Volley?
    • Ball Comes High and Through The Middle
    • When You're Forced Across The Court
    • The Low Ball Close To The Net
    • Attacking To The Volleyer's Feet
    • Sometimes You've Just Got To Defend
  • 5

    Chapter 5 - Movement

    • Getting Involved
    • Starting Position When You're The Returner's Partner
    • The Movement After a Weak Return
    • The Movement After a Strong Serve
  • 6

    Chapter 6 - Instant Result Tactical Tips!

    • Setting Up Your Partner To Attack The Box
    • Make Your Opponents Play Up
    • Throw in the Attacking Lob
    • Target Your Opponents
    • Be Precise With Your Serve
  • 7

    Chapter 7 - Serve Formations

    • Overview
    • I Formation
    • Aussie
  • 8

    Chapter 8 - Serve Signals

    • The Cues
    • The Volleyer's Movement
  • 9

    Chapter 9 - Return Locations

    • Bigger Isn't Better
    • Aim For the Side T
    • If The Server Is Staying Back
  • 10

    Chapter 10 - When Times Get Tough

    • When Your Opponents Are Dominating The Box
    • The Defensive Lob
    • Two At The Back
    • Move Together
  • 11

    Chapter 11 - Final Notes

    • Bringing Everything Together

Meet Your Head Coach

Delivering World Class Tennis Education To All Ages and Abilities

Dave Ireland

ATP Player and Master Coach

Dave Ireland

* 28 Years Of Coaching Experience At All Levels * LTA Licensed Level 4 Coach * USPTR Pro Level Coach * GB International Junior Team Coach * Former LTA National Coach (Boys 10-14 Years) * Former Head Coach, LTA International High Performance Centre * Coach To Many National and International Junior Champions PLAYING BIO * National and International Junior Champion GB Junior Ranked No 1 * Former Junior ITF World Ranked No 7 * Former ATP Challenger Tour Player * Former GB Davis Cup Team Member v Argentina 1989 * Competed at Wimbledon, US and Australian Opens * Played and Trained Against Top Players Such As; Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Tim Henman, Fabrice Santoro, Christo Van Rensburg, Kevin Curran

Why "Doubles Tactics" Will Revolutionize Your Tennis

  • Instant, easy to follow tips that you can go out and win points with, as soon as today!

  • Never be a sitting duck at the net again! After completing this course, you'll feel like a true volleying Ninja, commanding the net. Discover how to properly intercept the ball, fool your opponent and dictate play with just a few simple tricks

  • Every wondered exactly where you should be standing during your doubles match? We've got you covered. You're about to discover our full, tactical positioning blueprint that will walk you through the most effective positions to play from to keep your win ratio soaring

  • Learn pre-set serve combinations, such as the I-Formation and the Aussie and how you can use them to frustrate your opponent and hold serve much more often

  • We've all help the internal pain and frustration doubles can bring out in us! However, by implementing our proven strategies, you'll discover real empowerment and leave frustration behind as a thing of the past


Former ATP Tour Pro Player, Current Coach of Kyle Edmund, Former Coach of Dan Evans

Mark Hilton

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, Current Coach of Kyle Edmund, Former Coach of Dan Evans

"Dave is a leading and well respected coach in British Tennis. Following on from a successful playing career, Dave has gone on to coach national junior champions. As a young coach I worked with Dave at the International High Performance Academy at Loughborough University, producing some of Britain’s best junior players competing at the highest international standard. He has a wealth of experience to improve players of all ages and levels and is a true professional."
Former ATP Tour Pro Player, World Ranking: 170 Singles and 85 Doubles

Danny Sapsford

Former ATP Tour Pro Player, World Ranking: 170 Singles and 85 Doubles

"As a former Davis Cup squad colleague of mine Dave not only has a vast amount of experience as an ex pro but he also has had an extremely successful coaching career. He has a wide base of experiences in coaching Junior and Adult players at all levels from club beginner standard all the way up to coaching National and International Champions. If you would like to improve any part of your game then Dave will help you accomplish your goals!"

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